Five foods to eat for healthy hair

If the winter chill has left your hair looking more lacklustre mess than L’Oreal girl, then you don’t need to resort to expensive beauty products to restore your glossy locks. Feed your hair with these five healthy foods for strong, shiny hair –you know you’re worth it!


fish and veg

Along with other fish like mackerel, trout and sardines, Salmon is rich in protein and vitamin D, which are the key to strong hair. 3% of the hair shaft is made of omega-3, which our bodies can only get through our diet, so tuck into a salmon fillet to boost your intake of these fatty acids.

 Sweet Potato:

Want to prevent dandruff? Sweet potatoes contain high levels of the antioxidant Beta Carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A. This helps to produce the oils that keep your scalp healthy and keep itchy dandruff at bay.


Scrambled Egg

Eggs are a great source of protein, iron and zinc, which are all crucial to maintaining healthy hair. Too little iron is associated with hair loss, so whether you like them scrambled, poached or boiled, make sure you add plenty of eggs to your diet.


There are so many reasons to love Avocado, and healthy hair is one of them. Thanks to their high levels of fat, amino acids and vitamins the fruit can help promote the growth of healthier tresses.


A superfood, and for good reason, Blueberries are packed with vitamin C which is crucial for maintaining circulation. It also supports the blood vessels that bring oxygenated blood to your hair follicles. Add them to your porridge or eat with a handful of almonds for a healthy, hair loving snack.

 What do you do to look after your hair?


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