Pimp Your Porridge: healthy porridge toppings

Porridge is often touted as a healthy breakfast choice, and with its slow releasing carbohydrates and low calorie content, it is an ideal breakfast. However what if you’re adding an extra 300 calories to your breakfast with the toppings you’re sprinkling on top?

From fruit and seeds to sugar and chocolate, there’s no end of tasty toppings you can add to your porridge, but these could undo your good intentions and have a surprising impact on any weight loss efforts.

A recent survey by Special K found that two thirds of women did not count the content of what they stirred into their morning oats, while almost a third of women believed it didn’t matter what they added to porridge as oats are healthy.

One in 10 women assumed their toppings didn’t contain many calories so they didn’t need to count them, while a fifth said they simply hadn’t considered it.

Half of the women polled chose to add toppings because they find plain oats boring and bland, with many adding indulgent chocolate, maple syrup and jam, or even double cream to their porridge.

If you’re looking for new ways to make your morning oats more exciting, then there are a lot healthier ways to do it. These porridge toppings contain one of your five-a-day, are nutritious, and will set you up for the day.

Trade sugar and jam for fruit:

Cinnamon porridge with banana & berries


53 per cent of women add at least one tablespoon of sugar to their morning porridge, while 37 per cent add jam. Swap the white stuff for a natural sweet fix from berries or half a banana. Frozen berries are ideal as they heat up along with the oats and will last a lot longer than fresh berries.

Trade chocolate for cacao nibs:

While chocolate porridge does sound pretty tasty, there’s a healthier way to get your chocolate fix with cacao nibs. These are rich in antioxidants and free from sugar so you get a mild chocolate taste and a satisfying crunch. We like Naturya Organic Cocoa Nibs
available on Amazon.

Super food Porridge:


There are so many ways to give your porridge an extra nutritional boost; Maca is known for its energy boosting and hormone balancing properties, and will add a malty taste to your oats. Baobab is an African super food that contains more iron than red meat and has a sweet, fruity taste. You could also add chia seeds for their omega 3 levels, and milled flax seeds for fibre, the options are endless.

What are your favourite healthy porridge toppings? 


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