REVIEW: Bannisters’ Farm Jacket Potatoes

Sometimes after a busy day at work the last thing you want to do is cook! But instead of reaching for the takeaway menus, I’ve discovered a healthier and tastier alternative in the shape of Bannisters’ Farm Jacket potatoes.

Sure, it may not take too long to zap a jacket in the microwave, but what I like about the Bannisters’ Farm range is that you can choose from loaded potato skins as well as par-baked potatoes, for a quick side or addition to your meal.

Roasted Pepper and Mozzarella

I was sent some original potatoes and mozzarella and tomato loaded potatoes and was impressed with both their taste and nutritional content. Each half loaded potato contains only 165 calories, so is an ideal choice for anyone watching their waistlines.

Many people avoid eating potatoes because of their high carbohydrate levels, but it’s easy to forget that they are also good sources of minerals like potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6 which will give you energy and support the growth of new cells. To lower the glycemic load of your jacket potato you could serve it with lean protein like fish or chicken and salad for a balanced, nutritious and easy meal.

You can buy the full range of Bannisters’ Farm jacket potatoes in leading supermarkets now. For more information visit the Bannisters’ Farm website.

Would you buy a ready prepared potato meal?


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