Four Protein Packed Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, not to mention the most important. While we all know the benefits of eating breakfast, sugary breakfast cereals and pastries aren’t always going to cut it as they leave you hungry and in need of snacks just a couple of hours later. Eating a protein packed breakfast will not only give your morning a boost, it will keep you satisfied until lunchtime without the need for snacks. Convinced? Try these protein rich breakfasts for size…

Eggs with smoked salmon and oatcakes


A winning combo that is rich in protein, healthy fats and slow releasing carbohydrates – what better way to start your day? If you don’t eat fish you could trade the smoked salmon for avocado, and adding spinach into your eggs is a good way to get in your greens.

Preparing a cooked breakfast may seem time consuming, but this really couldn’t be easier to prepare and is definitely worth the effort!

Avocado on Toast


Avocados feature again in this delicious and filling breakfast. These super fruits are rich in monounsaturated fats which support healthy skin, hair and nails, not to mention keep you full. Avoid highly refined white breads and try rye bread which is more easily digested and will release its energy slowly, keeping you full for longer. You could also try adding a bit more flavour with a sprinkle of chilli flakes, a squeeze of lemon juice or some chopped tomatoes.

Protein smoothie

Rich in protein, fibre and a whole host of vitamins and minerals, this is an easy way to get pretty much your whole five-a-day in one glass. They’re also a great way to sneak some vegetables into your breakfast, as the fruit will overpower the taste of the greens. Take a look at this useful guide for ideas of how to build the perfect smoothie, blend and enjoy!

Green smoothies

Greek yoghurt with nuts, seeds and berries


If you’re in a rush this is an easy breakfast to grab and go. Try Total Greek Yoghurt with a handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds and some berries for a sweet and simple start to the day.

What’s your favourite breakfast?


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