Purifyne Two Day Juice Cleanse Review

There’s been a lot of hype about juicing over the last couple of years with everyone from Miranda Kerr to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley touting the benefits of their daily green juices. While I’ve experimented with making my own fresh juices at home I was yet to try a proper juice cleanse until recently, when I sampled a two-day bespoke cleanse from London based company Purifyne.

Purifyne offer a wide range of cleanses with juices that are all organic, cold pressed and raw delivered fresh to your door. I tried a bespoke cleanse which promises full body detoxification, a reduced appetite and the potential loss of a few unwanted pounds. With my holiday only a couple of weeks away this all sounded good to me, so I couldn’t wait to get started!

The Service:

I was really impressed with the relationship that Purifyne establish with their customers, and their attempts to tailor the cleanse to each individual clients needs. The day before I received my juices I was sent an initial ‘new client form’ where I had to share details of any allergies, medical conditions and symptoms I had including everything from bloating to high blood pressure. Upon submitting my form I received an email suggesting foods and tips I might want to try to reduce certain symptoms, plus a further email with the pre-cleanse guidelines with advice of how to get the most out of my juice cleanse. Purifyne suggest cutting down on things like caffeine, sugar and wheat for a few days before the plan to keep the potential detox side effects to a minimum.

The Juices:

Purifyne juice

As promised, my juices were delivered to my flat by the Purifyne courier. I was presented with four juices for each day, plus a Spicy Lemonade and a packet of supplements alongside clear instructions of how best to follow the cleanse.

I began each day with a glass of warm water with lemon before taking the supplements and drinking my Morning Liver Bliss juice. This was a rich and tasty mix of beets, carrot and orange blended to get your liver into action and support the detoxification process. I was happy to find that the juices were surprisingly filling, and I lasted until lunchtime with detox teas and coconut water, both of which were permitted on my plan.

Lunchtime called for another juice of my choice, plus half of the Spicy Lemonade which was a blend of filtered water, agave and cayenne pepper (the blend that makes up the Super Master Cleanse as followed by Beyonce).

Another juice followed in the afternoon, with the fourth and final juice of the day consumed in the evenings at least two hours before bedtime.

My Verdict:

Following the juice cleanse wasn’t as challenging as I expected as the juices genuinely did fill me up and satisfy me until my next ‘meal’. However I did find that I missed the feeling of chewing a meal leading me to cheat and have a handful of almonds (oops!), but this didn’t seem to affect my results.

Even after one day of juices I felt lighter with a much flatter stomach than usual, so I can see why so many people choose to do juicing detoxes before a big event or holiday.

Purifyne’s juices were actually really tasty, although I wasn’t as keen on the Pure Greens juice because it had a strong celery taste which I’m not a fan of!

If I was to try a juice cleanse again I would probably stick to a one-day cleanse to act as a bit of a ‘reset’, perhaps after a big night out or holiday, and these plans are also available from Purifyne.

I’d definitely advise juicing on a day when you can relax at home as the juices and supplements really do ‘clean you out’ and will probably leave you dashing to the toilet more than usual! Not ideal when you’re out and about!

All in all, if you’re looking for a way to lose a couple of stubborn pounds or kick start a new healthy eating plan, I would recommend checking out Purifyne’s juicing plans. With cleanses covering everything from bridal plans to 5:2, there’s bound to be one to suit your needs.

Of course, anyone looking to follow a juice cleanse should consult a doctor or medical professional first to ensure it is safe for you.

For more information on Purifyne cleanses, visit their website.


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