Weight Loss

Looking to shed some pounds? Here are some of my posts related to weight loss and eating healthily. From the latest celebrity diet trends to foods you can enjoy while still losing weight, it’s all covered on this page…

Celebrity Diets

Ditch the diet…embrace the lifestyle!

Focus on Harley Pasternak’s Five Factor Plan

Clean and Lean Diet Review

Six Weeks to OMG – the diet craze sweeping the UK

Focus on The Cambridge Diet

How to avoid holiday weight gain

6 Weeks To OMG

Get more sleep to help shed the pounds

Miley Cyrus: Gluten is c**p!

Miley Cyrus attributes her new slim figure to lactose and gluten intolerance

Guilt Free Snacking from Marks and Spencer

Can Tea help you to lose weight?

The benefits of eating a low GL diet

What to eat on a low GL diet

Work it! Easy exercises you can do in the office

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity fitness trainer

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD

Graze: Healthy Snacks delivered

Kick start your New Year weight loss now!

If I eat Coconut Oil could I look this good?!

Snack Attack: Five healthy and guilt-free snacks

The benefits of Miranda Kerr’s favourite Coconut oil


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